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Bulgari Influencer Box

Influencer Box Design & Manufacturing In New York City


The Challenge


Design and engineer a dramatic Influencer box to showcase Bulgari’s new fragrance collection: “Allegra”.  The box would be distributed throughout the country to 35 International influencers.

The influencer box would need to be a two layered box to display Allegra’s 5 new fragrances along with 10 sample fragrances with blotter cards, an Ipad, and then add a variety of Italian gifts to the bottom level.

Andy was approached by David Stark Design firm with a sketch of the concept and a detailed discussion about the products they wanted to place inside the box.  The challenge was to create a “Wow” influencer box engineered for functionality, beauty and artistic design which would artfully introduce the new Bulgari fragrance collection to the influencers.




Designing The Influencer Box


To begin with, Bulgari wanted a very high end luxury box….A sketch was presented to Earth Enterprise, and from that point, EE was responsible for engineering, construction and manufacturing and delivery of the box.  Unlike many printers, who may cut corners, Andy Hort wanted to take it to the next level.  Rather than utilizing a two-piece paper wrap for the exterior, which would have resulted in “an ugly seam” as Andy described it, he decided to use a one paper wrap exterior, which presented its own challenges when fitting the single sheet to the foam structure.


The Bulgari Influencer Box Prototype – Challenge 2


The second challenge presented itself in the blue-lined “map” that is present on the red box exterior.  The blue lines were so thin, that the traditional technique of overlaying blue ink on the red, would not work in this case.  A solution was sought, and the end result was superb. An opaque blue ink was created specifically from a 95% opaque white. The opaque blue ink was placed on the white lines which produced the complex web of lines formulating the map of Rome and the Italian region.

This first prototype was presented within a week of the initial consultation.  It was followed with two more prototypes adjusted to meet the rigid standards of Earth Enterprise.  It only took 2.5 weeks from initial consult to presenting a final prototype, a time frame unheard of for such a complex project.


The Bulgari Influencer Box – Process & Workflow


The entire process required 50-60 discussions/meetings in order to arrive at the final approved product. “We ran into technical difficulties, so we had to come up with solutions each step of the way.  Making the single paper wrap fit to the foam….was very difficult. The interior foam must be tight so the products don’t slip out, but also loose enough so they can be pulled out easily with the silk ribbon.  The cut-outs were extensive – they must fit,  line-up and cross-over.   We tested and  adjusted, .again and again…making multiple cad cuts, adjusting  and die cutting….repeatedly.” said Andy.


The Bulgari Influencer Box – Results


At the conclusion of this project, Andy proudly describes it as “One of the most challenging influencer boxes ever, however, we achieved the clients ultimate goals.  Many of the decisions were left up to me and I’m grateful the client trusted our engineering, manufacturing and overall capabilities for such a high-profile project.”

The Bulgari Influencer Box – And The Jury Says…

A truly successful project is sometimes expressed in emotion.  The client was thrilled with the final product, and they summarized their approval in a few exceptional words….

“Oh Andy….Spectacular!” – David Stark Design