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Case Studies In Green Printing – New York City


Earth Enterprise is committed to providing its clients with the most earth friendly printing and marketing materials available. They do so while maintaining the highest standards of quality, turn around times and all with an eye on keeping their pencils sharp. The attached Case Studies highlight some of the experiences they have had and illustrate the degree of commitment to excellence that Earth Enterprises displays in solving problems for their clients.

Prominent New York City Progressive School partners with Earth Enterprise NYC Printer – To design and produce highly successful Annual Donations Campaign Mailer


Donation campaigns can be lackluster in their appeal – especially on the “outside”.  Multiple #10 Envelope Mailers often go unnoticed and ignored. For this reason a nation leading progressive education school in NYC sought out an experienced creative design team.  Their goal was to set their mailers apart from the typical white envelope received every day in mailboxes across the country. Dan Radlauer, a structural design expert, along with the Earth Enterprise Creative Team, went to work to create a donation “letter” that would stand apart and gain a high open rate.

Prior to this new design, vanilla mailers included a standard # 10 envelope, with several pages of information folded in.  With that as a backdrop, the Earth Enterprise design team endeavored to produce something totally different.  The result was a vibrant “Pouch” mailer, which incorporated a Tactile (soft silky to the touch) style, with thick stock paper, bright colored, prototype with a clear stick flap that housed the written materials.  When approval was given to print the mailers, the end result was enthusiastically received by the school and its recipients.

A bright red kit containing donation request letters was sent to 900 Alumni Parents; a bright blue version was sent to parents of currently enrolled students. The design included a soft “watermark” overlay of the school logo and mission statement that were imprinted on the interior top flap of the envelopes. Very quickly, it was noted that the “Interactive Kit” not only captured interest, but gained immediate traction. The school reported a significant increase in responses over their last campaign – increasing their donations by over 500%. According to a school official:

“Working with Dan Radlauer and the Earth Enterprise Creative Team greatly improved our Alumni and Parent reach this year. Their re-design of our Donation Mailer made it exciting to open and has already greatly improved donations.” 

Once again, not only is Earth Enterprise committed to the environment, but quality is never sacrificed to meet tight deadlines. Earth Enterprise continues to be the “Go To Green Printer” for every type of client, from high profile fashion design companies around the globe to NYC Agencies, Local Schools and Businesses. Giving back, by paying for and planting tree’s to offset their carbon footprint, and offering innovative printing services, is just another way Earth Enterprise champions green printing. For more information on Earth Enterprise’s green approaches to printing, visit ( or call 646-362-3887 and ask for more information.