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Case Studies In Printing: New York City

Case Studies

Problem Solving With Digital & Offset Print

Earth Enterprise excels in both digital and offset printing. We produce the highest-quality projects for our clients. We don’t try to fit your project on our equipment – we choose the best equipment to fit your needs. We can help turn even the smallest job into looking like an art project – affordably. Whether it’s short run, or digital – you get the highest quality printing at digital prices-all in New York City.

For Digital: Our HP Indigo presses produce unparalleled color and accuracy in seven colors, equivalent to conventional offset printing. We understand the capabilities. Our state-of-the-art equipment and expert staff will work with you to produce the finest digital to get you noticed. You get what you need just when you need it. Digital printing offers faster turnaround times at lower cost for lighter volume. Produce single copies or short-runs of any high-quality publication. You can easily produce high-volume labels or short-run high-end custom folding cartons as well. Indigos specialty inks and special effects help your work stand out. Our professional staff will walk you through the choices of coatings and finishing processes to make your project a real show stopper.

For All Jobs: We use the highest grades of paper stocks – but can even make newsprint look good. Over 3,000 certified papers and substrates are available for digital printing including fine art papers, acetates, pressure sensitive vinyl and uncoated, silk or glossy papers. Many are FSC certified and recycled. Unconventional materials such as canvas, foil and static materials are also available.

Digital short- to mid-run printing offers excellent environmental benefits by reducing print inventories and wasted prints. The wide range of ink and media products provides high-quality production options. More than 1,100 types of media with environmental certifications are available for HP Indigo presses. More than 30 are available for label and packaging presses. Many contain recycled content.

For Offset: Even our offset presses are greener. Ask us why. They use no VOC, no solvent in press wash, blanket wash and coatings. We recycle all our own chemistry in house. We dump zero water. Our inks are 40–60% vegetable based—no VOCs, no solvents no heavy metals, and are fully biodegradable, no petroleum products. And they run off green energy.

When it comes to results, prep is the difference. Compare our samples with another printer’s. Ours looks better. Ask us. We’ll be happy to show you why. We are an old-fashioned printing company when it comes to service. Many printing companies have cut back on their Customer Service Representative staff. We have not. We have CSR’s so you can always get someone on the phone, always deal with a live person. We have a contact list, posted on this website, with cell phone number’s –  just for this reason.



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