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Ogilvy & Mather

Crowne Plaza: Branding Campaign – 24 Hour Rush Job


Ogilvy & Mather Branding Presentation – For Marriott’s Crowne Plaza


Problem: One box does not fit all sizes and shapes. Standing out from the crowd – capturing a passerby’s interest – being unique in brand marketing is what makes Ogilvy the leader in their field. With less than 24 hours until their branding reveal – O&M asked Earth Enterprise to print and deliver many different pieces… we didn’t blink an eye. We just asked “Where” and “When”?


Solution: Earth Enterprise used a variety of digital equipment and design skill to create; 1) Pull-up Banners with Stands, 2) Ink-jet/Digital Signage, 3) Digital Posters, 4) Less Than 24 hour Delivery and Installation. By utilizing our VUTEk 3250 LX-PRO, we were able to print direct to foam core and deliver stunning “Branding Quality” pieces – on time and within budget.


Results: The client couldn’t have been happier. Not only was the Project delivered in less than 24 hours – it was delivered early to the hotel. O&M slept well the night before, knowing that EE had the project… so well in fact – that they didn’t even bother to proof the work! Executives were met the next day with all signage and pieces in place and ready to announce the new branding campaign. Wll Abrams of Earth Enterprise had this to say… “The combination of Ogilvy experience, file preparation and professionalism, coupled with our design and manufacturing expertise, led to an amazing outcome. Utilizing the VUTEk, which can print on so many substrates, and Zuno digital CAD finishing equipment, made this solution the perfect fit for everyone.”