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CBD Packaging Design & Manufacturing | New York City


Brand Management & Marketing For The CBD Industry

We help you tell your story. Your branding sends an incredibly valuable message, and so does your packaging. Branding is the lifeblood and passion that tells an audience who you are. If you identify the most successful brands, from digital & social media to direct mail, you’ll see there’s always a passionate story there. There’s a culture that gets conveyed; Branding illustrates the people that are working there, the friendliness they have, and their love for their customer experiences. We can help you tell your story through a beautiful narrative, through powerful words and images. Happy customers are going to retell their experiences to other people. One box does not fit all sizes and shapes. Standing out from the crowd – capturing a passerbys interest – being unique in your packaging design and brand marketing is what makes all the difference in sales these days. Our award winning graphic designers and engineers can help you, or if you already know what you want, we can pull it all together from prototype to short or long-run manufacturing. We work every day with hundreds of brand teams from around the world to create specialized marketing and folding cartons for a wide variety of product categories and markets.


In-House Paper Engineer’s – For CBD Packing Design

At Earth Enterprise we have in-house paper engineers – who are craftsmen in designing the most innovative and interesting packimg for CBD products – with the highest quality paper materials on the market today. As an environmentally conscience brand management and printing firm, our green inititiatives are philisophically alligned with the CBD trade; We are committed to using only the cleanest materials and manufacture every package or page, with a carbon neutral outcome.


Experienced CBD Marketing


Understanding what is acceptable promotion or a potential red flag for your business is critical;  You need to know you are working with a team that understands the hazards of the CBD industry. Everything from correct warning notices on packaging to making sure tamper proof is really tamper proof – we’re a partner who gets the CBD business. Our combined years of experience in CBD branding and marketing assure you that we can not only help you get the right message out there – but we do it quickly, legally, and with an impactful message.