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“…if you took all the cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships in the world and added up their exhaust every year. The amount of carbon dioxide, or CO2, all those cars, trucks, planes, trains and ships collectively emit into the atmosphere is actually less than the carbon emissions every year that result from the chopping down and clearing of tropical forests in places like Brazil, Indonesia and the Congo.” 1

We achieve carbon neutrality on all of our printing jobs by planting useful trees to offset the carbon created by our company and at the same time, employing poverty stricken people, providing them with real income. This income and the value of the products obtained from the living trees, ensures that the trees will not be cut down thus having an immediate, real and positive impact on carbon emissions.

Below is the official document which certifies that 5158 useful trees were purchased and planted to offset carbon emissions, from October 2008 – October 2013.

1 – Thomas L. Friedman, Trucks, Trains, and Trees, in The New York Times, November 11, 2009, page A31 of the New York edition.

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