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How to find printing paper in 2021

Choosing & Sourcing Paper For Printing

Finding The Right Paper For Your Printed Jobs Is Challenging These Days

Flexibility & Timing Are Critical

“sorry that paper weight isn’t being made till next year”- Paper mill 2021


For the 115 years Earth Enterprise has been in business one of our main tenets is Re-Use, Recycle and Upcycle! Being frugal, supplying the highest quality while providing tremendous value is our mantra. This has become even more challenging with state of the supply chain today.


The confluence of COVID, backed up ports, and herky-jerky demand has led to unprecedented shortages. We have allocated into our warehouse a tremendous amount of the top paper stocks as well as reviewed our current inventory to offer those options from canceled orders and leftover remainders to give you all the possible options to execute your projects. Our deep longstanding century old paper mill relationships afford us considerable clout to get what you need!


Fuel costs are up and logistics are tricky! Duh!


Will there be compromises? Yes. Will there be issues with freight? Yes.


We’re proactive and ready to solve your material needs. Our best advice is to call to discuss your paper needs as soon as possible so we can find you all the options and possibilities to crush your deadline!