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Sustainable Printer Earth Enterprise Supports Coors Light Plastic Free Efforts

Coors Light Plastic Free Future-Mart

Earth Enterprise “The Environmental Printer” Is Helping The World Go Green


A lot of “green things” are happening at Molson Coors, the global beverage company. They continue to set ambitious sustainability goals. One of those goals is to ensure their packaging is 100% reusable, recyclable or compostable. Likewise, Earth Enterprise is no stranger to sustainability and is a 100% carbon neutral commercial printer.  So, when Andy Hort of EE received the call from the design team of to help create a unique pop up Bodega in the heart of New York, it was a match made in green heaven.


The” Plastic Free Future Mart by Coors Light” was designed to model, inspire and create a vision for a world with no single-use plastics.  It required over 100 “products” which would line the shelves and contain zero plastic. In total, EE was called on to design and produce over 1700 pieces to stock the shelves of the creative little bodega. 

Up against a short two-week deadline, no renderings and only an excel spreadsheet listing the items needed, Andy Hort’s team went to work. One of the challenges involved making dyes within 48 hours at the start of the project – for all the boxes that would line the shelves, and for any existing dyes, they had to tweak them to ensure the desired colors. By the end of week two, Earth Enterprise had designed, created new dyes, tweaked existing, produced, and delivered over 1700 pieces comprised of 100 unique products, from labels, boxes, bags, lotto tickets, and cups to hair band cards, detergent, and diaper packaging. (See partial list below)

“Earth enterprises went above and beyond on this project.  We had many challenges with timing, budget, artwork etc. and Andy worked through everything detail by detail with us. He also suggested the best materials to use based on sustainability and the overall look and feel of the project. Andy and his team are excellent problem solvers and great partners to work with.  Thank you for helping us make this project a huge success!” Dawn Dunning of