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Corrugated Box Design & Printing – New York City

Corrugated Box Design & Printing: Manufactured In New York City


Corrugated boxes are the best way to ship heavy products safely.

A box with informative and decorative graphics will call attention to your product as well as protect it. We can design and provide may size, shape, divider, and color options for your box. Corrugated boxes are designed to break down, ship flat, and assemble easily. Our boxes are made from 100% recycled materials. Using mostly old boxes with other recovered content, all of our products are also carbon neutral. Layers of paper fiber give a cardboard box it’s strength, but the wavy rippled shape of the middle layer gives a corrugated box extra rigidity for its weight. The multiple layers of a corrugated sheet are the top and bottom layer called linerboard, and the middle layer called fluting or corrugated medium. We offer competitive prices for creating durable enclosures. Our boxes will help sell your products. Please contact our design engineer with any questions.

How recycled corrugated boxes are made

At the mill, the recovered paper or board is loaded into a pulper, which acts like a big washing machine to remove waste materials such as plastic, glass and metal. The paper fibers are then pumped onto a screen to form new board. The last part of the process involves drying the board so it can be wound onto rolls or cut into sheets. The rolls or sheets then go to a box plant where the different layers (liner and fluting) are bonded together on a machine called a corrugator. The converter then transforms the board into the required packaging via printing, slotting, creasing, folding and gluing. Any waste left over from the converting process is collected and returned to the mills for recycling into new board. Laboratory tests indicate that paper fibers can be recycled up to nine times before becoming too short or weak to make new paper products.

Sizes of Corrugated Box Fluting

Corrugated box fluting comes in different sizes, depending on your need. Generally, the larger the flute (A & B profiles), the greater the strength and cushioning. The smaller flutes, (E & F profiles) are easier to print on and use less warehouse space. A -Flute: This is the original fluting for corrugated boxes; extra thick and strong. B-Flute: Thinner, stiffer, and smoother than A-flute, B-flute is great for quality printing and die-cutting. C-Flute: The most commonly used corrugated box flute. Used for most shipping cartons. E-Flute: With about twice the flutes per foot than A or B-flute, E-flute outperforms standard paperboard cartons while providing excellent printability. F- Flute: More suitable for retail packaging than shipping, F-flute can be used in everything from jewelry boxes to fast food containers.