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Engraving and Printing Services New York City

Engraving Services & Printing – New York City

Engraving & Printing Services: Manufactured In New York City

What Is Engraving?

The engraving process presses ink onto paper under intense pressure, creating images with a unique look and feel unavailable through conventional printing. With engraving, the type and graphics are raised on the paper.

First, metal plates are etched with a recessed image. The metal plates are then hand-aligned on the press. Once aligned, the plate is coated with ink and then blotted using kraft paper to clean the plate, leaving only the image with ink remaining. Last, the paper is hand-fed and the image is applied under tons of pressure, creating an embossed look with amazing clarity, pure color and depth.

Engraving is best for formal pieces when the purpose of the printing warrants the additional cost and time. It’s great for crisp typography and logos as the process maintains fine details – even thin typefaces achieve superior results.

When Should I Consider Engraving?

You usually can’t print on the other side of paper that’s been engraved. The process creates a characteristic indentation called bruising on the opposite side. Bruising is the way to distinguish engraving from thermography since thermography inks lay on top of the paper and rise.

Engraving invitations, letterheads and other social or office material is for you if you have the budget and time. The look of engraving is unparalleled.