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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Earth Enterprise.

Which is better for the environment… Recycled paper or locally sourced virgin fiber paper?

Locally Sourced Virgin Pulp

“Down-Cycling” white paper (virgin pulp) can have up to 9 recycle uses, whereas, “Up-Cycling” (making recycled paper white again) shortens the life of the fibers and involves tremendous energy and chemicals to make the paper white again….thus, using recycled paper does not always translate to a greener practice.

Does marketing on paper really hurt our forests, as many believe?


90% of forests are owned by private landowners and there are basically three options those landowners have: Develop their land, convert it to some agricultural use, or keep it as a forest. If they are incentivized to keep as a forest, those landowners will grow more trees and replace what they sell according to the demand. Buying paper, contrary to popular opinion, actually helps support our forest and environment.

Is Email really more environmentally friendly than direct mail?

Not exactly

Most American paper comes from multicultural, organic sustainable forests that clean the water and air. Computers are built from minerals, those same minerals that are currently ending up in landfills.
Emails, while taking up (granted, an infinitesimal amount) space on someone’s server, somewhere. And what brings that message to life is the electricity coursing through that space. Adding together all the spaces where all the seemingly nonexistent emails reside makes it easy to see why data centers use twice as much energy in this country as the paper, pulp, and printing industries combined In addition to consuming twice as much energy, only 10% of that energy is from renewable sources2 compared to 64% from the paper and pulp industry, and their consumption is growing exponentially.

Is Soy-based ink actually better than other types of ink?


20 years ago, someone figured out that Soy was cheaper and faster drying than linseed oil. But Soy ink may still have VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), solvents, heavy metals and petroleum, or all three, and may not be biodegradable.

Just because it is “soy-based does not mean it is necessarily good for the environment, and Soy, which represents only 7% of the ink, is the number two cause of deforestation in Brazil.

Which printer is dedicated to planting more forests to offset printing usage - than any other printer in the world?

Earth Enterprise!
All our print work is carbon neutral

Green Earth Enterprise provides an opportunity to produce a totally carbon neutral print job by replacing the entire carbon footprint that the job created. Our custom computer software calculates the carbon tonnage produced by each of our jobs from the point a tree is cut down for paper to delivery of the final product. At no additional cost to the client, Green Earth Enterprise neutralizes the carbon emissions of each project by planting Useful Trees.

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