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Frieze Influencer Box Printer

Frieze Rush Influencer Box

Influencer Box Printing: With A Rush Schedule

“Good things come to those who wait” or if you’d rather not wait, consider Earth Enterprise, with turnaround times that exceed expectations… from design to production and shipping.

Frieze is a global media and events company. As a definitive resource for contemporary art and culture, they are top in the field of influence and style.  Naturally, when they reached out to Andy Hort, CEO of Earth Enterprise, he responded with the usual absolute resolve to go above and beyond.

The project?  A magnetized container worthy of holding an exclusive cognac, two crystal drinking glasses and a stained-glass keepsake work of art.  Ultimately, these packages would be distributed to an elite group of influencers In Los Angeles and New York.

On January 17th, Earth Enterprise received the products and began designing the container which would best showcase them.  In three short days, Earth Enterprise delivered the first prototype to Frieze.  The following week, upon receiving beautiful artwork from Frieze, the final prototype was accepted, and the boxes went into production. On February 28th, the final artwork was received at Earth Enterprise and only 4 days later, the project was completed.  The process involved a Facetime session to create the specialized foam insert – which required measuring and lasering the products followed by a cad-cut of the foam.  The exclusive invitations were designed to have a tactile feel with a two-sided foil and the envelopes included a one sided foil.

On February 4th, the beautiful, magnetized boxes and card were shipped to multiple destinations for the Frieze events. 

“They look amazing!” was the grateful response from Rachel Cunningham Clark.

Earth Enterprise is the number one choice for printing and packaging – from Los Angeles to New York to Hong Kong….from conception to delivery, no matter how high end or simplistic – we exceed expectations in design, construction and production.  And we are the greenest printer in America!