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Womens underwear packaging

Hanky Panky – Underwear Packaging

Hanky Panky Going On Here….

Don’t underestimate the power of a good pair of underwear….or it’s packaging.  Hanky Panky, a popular women’s underwear manufacturer is known for their soft silky lace thongs, and when they reached out to Earth Enterprise to come up with a packaging creative that would showcase their underwear, EE didn’t disappoint.  

First came the idea…EE design team came up with a tube-like packaging with a peek-a-boo die cut window, which would “show-case” the underwear color and style.

They submitted their design and proposal, which Hanky Panky approved.  They made die lines, created artwork, then prototypes, and with a little more back and forth and finesse, a handsomely unique tube was produced, which Hanky Panky found to be irresistible, just like their underwear!

The unique package materials consisted of craft paper which was printed flat, offset – 4 color printing,  then shaped with a tubing machine. Two tubes were created for each package, with an interior neck on the lower tube, which the top (lid) was nested on.  From idea to production completion, in 4 months, 35,000 tubes were shipped to Hanky Panky distribution, ready to be hand-packed with the Hanky Panky underwear. 

Expect the amazing with Earth Enterprise!