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Huda Beauty Printing and Packaging

Huda Beauty

How To Print & Package Beauty Products – For Real Impact! 



This Client, Huda Beauty, came to Tina Weiss of Earth Enterprise with no idea of how to put this “box” together, other than they wanted it created to go to top store managers. The box would house a color pallet of eye shadow (preexisting design with internal mirror).



The focus would need to be on the color pallet rose quartz. The box would have to look beautiful, high end, represent the brands luxury as well as the make-up artists’ roots it had been launched on. Housing for the pallet and brand related literature needed to be appealing upon receipt, have an engaging experience, and yet also function as a countertop display; It had to be both sturdy and intriguing, functional and captivating to those that approached. As always, budget was a significant consideration for a company newly launching into mainstream retail markets, and be welcomed by their 26 million Instagram followers.


They came to Tina at Earth Enterprise for their well researched reputation regarding quality print in both the art arena and the cosmetic arena, and their creative packaging experience.

The greatest challenge presented was that the box needed to house a color pallet on a perfect usable angle to allow customers to try the eye shadow, using the internal mirror, without removing the product from a stationary position.


In close collaboration with her designers, Tina engineered the outer box wrapped in recycled paper and lamination reflecting the quality imagery, and the soft feel of the beauty product. The hidden magnet strength was embedded in the edge of a gate closure, allowing for the perfect meet, and visual of the challenging request for the rose gold foil stamped logo, and its critical line up strategically placed between the letters and at the opening.


Inside was added a printed insert diecut and mounted to a high density custom colored foam, also diecut and layered to create dimension as well as critically fit to fill the space.  In addition, cutouts for the Rose Quartz stone were inserted, following Earth Enterprises decision to incorporate them as part of the display element, and a ribbon pull draw to house the giveaway rose quartz accessory. A capacity pocket was incorporated inside the right gate to house the literature. To support shipping, the main space to house the boxes on the pallet would need to be done in a way that they would arrive safely and visually instructive on how to access the contents. For shipping, they needed the boxes to be deep enough so that when the pallet was opened, the boxes would be positioned at the perfect angle to allow access without removal. They could also not be too deeply embedded to block the lighting needed to see the color scheme accurate in retail lighting.



With careful engineering, trial and error, Tina and Earth Enterprise were able to create the perfect outcome that met the Huda’s needs including the safe transport required for these valuable vessels. The demands of the critical project, in a short developmental time frame, was a challenge Earth Enterprise and Tina we are often up against.


Huda Beauty was extremely satisfied! 

“We are so excited about the outcome. It is the most incredible box we’ve ever seen. It was our first experience dealing with Tina and Earth and the attention to every detail, along with their limitless patience was extremely appreciated. Tina worked with us seamlessly on each detail even when out of the country on vacation”.