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Influencer Boxes – New York City

Influencer Boxes – Design & Build – New York City

Social media has given rise to a whole new type of pitch: Influencer Marketing. It isn’t novel for celebrities to “advocate” a product or service, in exchange for significant compensation. From the 1700’s when the royal family endorsed chinaware to the 1800’s when cigarette companies used baseball cards to sell their brands, to the Facebook and Instagram influencers we see everywhere today, our lives are impacted daily by the glitterati and their endorsements.


Influencer marketing is here to stay – and if you haven’t checked lately – how much time each day do you spend on your cell phone. How many tweets, posts and channels have you interacted with today? Influencer kits are the new sales kit. Except… these kits are used to appeal directly to the “Influencer” and conveniently to their audiences as well. Design and construction of these boxes should appeal to the Influencer and highlight the brand in its presentation.

What’s your Influencer Kit strategy? We’ll help you design one and plan for the future.


Step 1 – Know Your Audience

You can’t send out influencer kits without knowing who your influencers are. Here are a few insights you can use to find and understand your target influencers. Once you have some background on your “right kind of influencer” you’ll need them to be involved in your field or have a relationship with your brand. But how? You can become more engaged with their content, comment on their posts and like their pics. Get to know them and their current brands before you approach, or risk making a bad match.


On the same token, spend the time to really vet them. Would they make a strong brand ambassador for your brand? What are their interests and do they align well with your message? You’ll use this information not only to create your influencer target list, but we’ll help you design an influencer kit that resonates with them. We often start with blank canvas, and build a custom box to visually impact the influencer in a way that creates a permanent impact.


Step 2 – Design Your Influence Kit


Budget considerations are key here. Influencer marketing takes some brainwork and design flair, but these costs are a fraction of the multi-million dollar endorsements you might achieve. We have box designers and graphic artists on staff to help you achieve the best results, or will work with your team to optimize ROI.

Customization can include whatever products you choose to provide (all shapes and sizes), usually we recommend a magnetized flip-up top that shares a personal message, instructions, or tips and other ideas. We help by adding ideas on customization using inserts, so products are guaranteed not to shift or break in transit. We die cut and laser cut high density foam, allowing these inserts to remain elegant, but also are precisely configured to ensure that fragile contents are protected. This is especially important and recommended for more fragile products. Boxes should be designed to be visually impactful, but also should have a tactile impact.  Our custom options, including embossing, foil stamping, silkscreen printing, and more. 


Step 3 – Send Out Influencer Kits

It’s time! You now know how to “influence your target influencers”, and have built a positive relationship with them.  Time to knock their socks off. Your products will work their own magic, but now we’re ready to wow them the minute they open their custom box. Delight them with personalization in your messages – and make them remember your brand – with those added luxury customizations like using metallic inks, foils, and embossing.


Everyone wants to be pursued. Continue to build the relationship with a follow-up box campaign and messaging that shows that you value them as potential clients, and by extension, their followers as well. It all boils down to creating mutual respect. From design to production, to delivery: Earth Enterprise is here to help you make it happen.