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Lowe’s Home Improvement: National Retail Covid Printing Services

Lowe’s Relies On New York City Printer Earth Enterprise To Provide Retail Covid Signage

National Retailer Signage Problem:


2020 has transformed retail, and how consumers shop.  Businesses are being forced to reimagine and implement innovative ways to bring in, and keep shoppers. How does a business create engaging experiences as consumer retail patterns radically change? Just as critical; How does a brick and mortar retailer launch new customer engagement technology to effectively enhance its “in-store” experience and streamline the process for a national rollout? BOPUS (buy online, pick up in store) has grown exponentially this year. Lowe’s, an American big box retail company specializing in home improvement, needed a novel way to reach those consumers. 


New York City Based Printer, Earth Enterprise BOPUS Solution:

Earth Enterprise needed to develop an expedient solution that could be distributed nationally. They deployed a 24-hour production process of signs/banners/floor graphics, etc., which was completed and installed in less than a week – a bookend experience from start to finish. With a national network of craftsman installers, on-line ordering, freight and inventory tracking, from the pre-planning to testing, production and installation, the solution included contingencies for each stage.

The EE solution addresses the need to cover a multitude of retail surface areas, which require critical social distancing, with enhanced customer engagement. For example:


  • Parking lot graphics
  • Cart handle signage
  • Social distancing floor graphics including stickers and decals with adhesives (Waiting in line got a lot more interesting)


Floor graphics required multiple varying sizes and shapes. Parking lot signage included “customer pick up parking”, column wraps, shelf talkers, double sided retractable banners, cart handle graphics, sandwich boards, tent cards, and bar codes to scan for easy look-up by cell phone. All signage needed to be quickly produced and installed.


To complete the overall approach and solution, Earth Enterprise designed a proprietary website to provide stress free ordering and re-ordering for Lowe’s, payment, tracking and inventory control.


For your needs Earth Enterprise can print any size, on almost any substrate, deliver around the globe and install it for you. Call us today to learn about what we can do to help you with your retail signage needs. If you would like to learn more about the work Earth Enterprise did to make this Lowes Retail Signage, and many more like it, and how to stand out and be award worthy – please reach out to Chuck Cure and the rest of the Signage Team at:

(646) 362-3887