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Marketing Collateral Management

Marketing Collateral Management – Web To Print Storefront’s
WikiPedia defines Marketing Collateral as: In marketing and sales, is sometimes considered the collection of media used to support the sales of a product or service. Historically, the term “collateral” specifically referred to brochures or sell sheets developed as sales support tools. These sales aids are intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective. The brand of the company usually presents itself by way of its collateral to enhance its brand through a consistent message and other media, and must use a balance of information, promotional content, and entertainment.

We at Earth Enterprise offer you the ability to eliminate the stress of one off printing, kitting, and fulfillment. You can replace last minute rush orders with a beautiful web portal and online ordering, that result in overnight deliveries right to your audience or sales team. It’s easy to use, has all your latest branding and can even be customized to include graphics and contact information.

Storefronts set you apart – online, and offline
Digital Screens are taking over the world. Your customers already use digital screens to order everything else in their life – now its your turn to bring this convenience to your customers, and enjoy the benefits of automation.
Look and Feel

The look of your store is critical for large-scale marketing automation programs. Earth Enterprise provides interactive site designs, plus full CSS support. Use any domain name with your online store – secure virtual hosting is included.

Flexible Access Modes

Whether you want a public storefront, a private storefront behind logins, or a hybrid store, Earth Enterprise allows you to control storefront access to fit your needs.

Granular User Permissions

User management is a key attribute of any private or public e-commerce store. Earth Enterprise provides a multi-tiered permissions-based user management system providing granular access control.

Digital Assets Management

Many digital assets – a personal photo, signature, or certification/awards logo are easier to store once in a profile than to upload ad hoc for each order.

Proxy Ordering

Through permissions known as “roles” our storefronts allow for ordering by proxy – be they office admins, personal assistants, or managers – providing for centralized ordering when and where needed.

Budget Control

Setting budgets for users is a powerful tool for managing print spend. It tells stakeholders how much they have to spend and allows managers to budget for print.

Item Types

We support several dozen different “types” of items you can host in your catalogs. Variable data, static, inventory controlled items are the most commonly used item types, but many others such as kits/bundles are also supported.


With or without explicit permissions, our divisions feature allows you to set up discrete catalogs within a single storefront. Each user group may have their own items, pricing and even different payment methods.

Flexible Catalog Layout

Setting catalog display options is a snap. Choose between different catalog formats, lists or photo galleries, add tabs, and product details as needed.


For larger catalogs, add the search option to allow your customers to find what they’re looking for more quickly.

Saved Orders

If customers need to leave before checking out, the catalog allows them to save orders so they can come back later.


Our system features >99.95% uptime with data centers in both the US and Australia.

Credit cards

Adding a credit card payment option to your storefront is easy.


Our storefronts come with built-in Fed Ex and UPS shipping rate calculation. Additionally, we support other carriers with a full suite of shipping tools and integrations.


Earth Enterprise subscribes to a tax database provider to allow for instant calculation of all US and Canadian taxes. The rates are updated monthly.


All stores are protected by SSL certificates and scanned by McAfee daily.

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