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Newspaper - Newsprint - Printing NYC

Newspaper And Newsprint Paper Printing - New York City


Earth Enterprise is pleased to provide New York City and the USA, with high quality NewsPrint and NewsPaper Printing options. From 1 color to 4+, we take great pride in delivering high quality ink on newsprint stock. In case you were wondering what goes into newsprint:


“Newsprint is generally made by a mechanical milling process, without the chemical processes that are often used to remove lignin from the pulp. The lignin causes the paper to become brittle and yellow when exposed to air or sunlight. Traditionally, newsprint was made from fibers extracted from various softwood species of trees (most commonly, sprucefirbalsam fir or pine). However, an increasing percentage of the world’s newsprint is made with recycled fibers.” Wikipedia


With our goal to be the Greenest Printer in the USA, Newsprint & Newspaper printing fits right in line with those objectives. We leverage the latest technologies in producing every printed page on these stocks, and produce incredible 4C products that you would never know were created using cold-set drying.



Meet Tina Weiss: Earth Enterprise’s Resident Newsprint Specialist

With an accidental entre into the printing industry nearly 30 years ago, Tina started working for a small print brokerage. She began with exposure to reproduction of fine art and with a sense of urgency, diligently visited printing plants, both sheet-fed and web, paper mills, and binderies, of all possible kinds. Her thinking was it mattered not how fast she learned, or if it pertained to the largest job, the simplest job, or even the most complex, it was critical that she learn everything possible – it was all new and challenging.


Tina fell in love with the process, the ink and color perspective, the tactile nature of paper surfaces, the inherent challenges of bending and creating effects in the fibers, and in general attempting to predict the unpredictable outcome towards the perfect reproduction of an idea. It is this notion that makes a great printer stand out.  When Tina views a project, she thinks ahead regarding all that must transpire, or could be a potential obstacle.  She prepares in advance for ways to tackle those issues. This approach benefits the outcome both creatively and economically.


Tina has a particular love of, and experience with, Newspaper printing using a paper called Newsprint, which presents the greatest challenge of all.  Cold web presses (presses that have no heaters or digital panels) are “old school”. These presses are not built with bells and whistles of our current age. They require inherent artistic knowledge from the pressman. They require the pain staking patience of trial and error with color, as the knobs are manually rotated and the inks released in small increments. They require the blending of color, on the most porous paper surfaces which absorb and spread ink without predictability.


Newspapers are economical, and they are environmentally sound as they use the remains of what others in the industry disregard (Recycled fiber). Those papers are often as light as 28-32 # (weight of paper), and reading them transports us back to a vintage form of relaxation – when we sat and read the paper. “I find them the ultimate challenge as a printer. We at Earth Enterprise are up to this challenge and feel we have perfected the craft of utilizing Newsprint as an artistic form of media, long disregarded”, says Tina.


Feel free to reach out to Tina directly to discuss any ideas you have that might include Newspapers to deliver your messages.