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New Yorker Of The Week

Earth Enterprise Sales Executive Andy Hort Says Hello To Children With Disabilities and Creates a League All Their Own


Six years ago, the co-founder of Earth Enterprise, a 107 year young environmental printer headquartered in NYC, attended a fund raiser that would not only change his life, but the lives of local children with disabilities. The theme of the fundraiser was “How do you say hello to a child with disabilities?” The answer:  “HELLO”. With that, Andy, a 14-year volunteer coach of baseball, decided to start the “Challenger League” which invited children with disabilities to participate in playing baseball.  He also invited volunteers from the community, both children and adults to assist in the league.  In its first year, six children with disabilities attended.  Now, in its sixth year, more than 60 children participate, and the volunteers have more than doubled.


The secret sauce, according to Andy, is “the buddy system. “I found out that these children deal with parents, teachers, therapists and doctors, but they don’t have a lot of interaction with other children.  I find that when you take a child and put them with another child, then the disabilities disappear, and they just become children, and have fun as children.”


The end result is an environment that is rewarding for everyone, including the volunteers. “You have to be self-less”  implores Andy.  The Challenger League is exactly what selfless looks like, and accordingly, Andy Hort is the New Yorker of The Week.



Vision without action is merely a dream

Action without vision is merely passing time

But Vision with action can change the world

Nelson Mandela….