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Oatly Chooses Environmental Printer

Earth Enterprise – Oatly’s Choice For  Environmental Printer


When Oatly decided to print their “Sustainability Report”,  Earth Enterprise took that mission to heart. Our position on sustainability started 115 years ago and our journey continues.

Minimizing our impact on the planet and dreaming of 0% waste is our approach, and it is different from most “Environmental Printers”. We don’t always source the greenest option; It may be that the 40,000 sheets of paper we need isn’t an option because we’d have to air freight it in and cause that terrible pollution! So we might choose paper that’s grown locally or domestically, with an eye toward renewable forests, and delivered with low emissions transportation to minimize pollution, in consideration of the overall environmental impact. This, we believe, is the best environmental practice. Upcycling: Using what you have and what’s proven to have the lowest environmental impact.

No Green Washing

Oatly chose Earth Enterprise because we don’t have a lot of phony recycling certifications, we don’t practice green washing.

Because we view our mission as saving the planet, one printing job at a time.

Ask us how we can help reduce, reuse, and renew!

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