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Personal Protective Equipment For New York City

Where Can I Find Surgical Masks And KN95 Masks In New York City?


Surgical Masks, KN95 Masks, Available & Affordable: Here Now In NYC


Earth Enterprise has been a proud member of  New York City and the community at large for over a 100 years. Having been in business for a century we have established relationships with vendors all over the world and from every corner of the earth! Our vetting process is extremely arduous and to be approved by our company is no small feat. Our procurement prowess is unparalleled. In tandem with our delivery logistics we can create a strategy to keep your business safely open. We are offering  KN95, sanitizer, and surgical masks in an effort to deliver affordable protections. If you need to protect your employees, clients, and vendors we have options. Our factories are staffed, our warehouses are open, and our trucks are on the road. Healthcare, trucking, retail, hospitality, office environment? We Got You!  

Please visit this website or contact the team at to inquire on current inventories and/or for ordering larger volumes. Please stay safe, follow the prescribed health guidelines, and help protect yourself and all those around you. 

We’re all in this together!