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Printing Services for Pop-Up Shops

Two friends were walking down Wooster Street in NYC when they saw a huge line of people pop up seemingly out of nowhere right in front of them. “What is this line for?” Said one friend to the other. They both got a closer look at the end of the line, and they saw that it was for Maybelline’s Summer Carnival – A pop up shop to promote Maybelline’s new Firework makeup line.

Both friends were amazed at the crowd of people gathered, so they figured they’d join them and wait in line to enter the space.

After twenty minutes, they finally got in, and were blown away by the amount of detail that was put into designing the space.

From Wall graphics, custom signage, printed wall dividers, floor and window graphics, custom fabricated structures to hold Maybelline’s new makeup line, SKEEBALL machines, ring toss, free product EVERYWHERE, and custom wrapped bars and a bartending staff handing out FREE drinks to everyone who entered.

They were even more blown away when one friend asked a staff member “Hey, how long is this in town for?”

“Today and tomorrow only” replied the staff member.

Both friends decided to enjoy the space, dance to the music the DJ was playing, and they both left hours later with free swag bags from Maybelline, a couple of videos for their TikTok showing the space, and smiles on their faces.

In today’s Instagram and TikTok age, brand experiences and Pop-up shops are in as they are an excellent way to create buzz and attract new customers to your brand. They are this day’s Superbowl commercial in terms of publicity.

To make a lasting impression at your pop up shop or brand experience, high-quality printing materials are essential.

From eye-catching signage to durable floor graphics and window graphics that catch people’s eye as they walk by, the right print products can set the tone for your pop-up shop and enhance the overall customer experience.

At Green Earth Enterprise, we understand the unique needs of pop-up shops and offer a comprehensive range of printing services to help you stand out. Our high-quality prints, professional graphics installation team, quick turnaround times on items needed last minute, and customization options ensure that your branding is on point and your materials are top-notch and delivered and installed right before opening day. This pop-up was spec’d as a full space design, with floor, wall, window graphics and custom fabricated signs. Louis Saragosa and his team at Earth Enterprise had 3 days from green light to produce all of the graphics. Some items were last minute and were printed and brought on site within two hours. The event was a huge success and there are tons of videos promoting the store on TikTok.

Whether you need Fabricated signage, or personalized packaging for your brands merch giveaways, we are here to provide the perfect printing solutions and manage all the graphics for your next pop-up shop.

Trust us to deliver the professional print materials you need to make your pop-up shop or brand experience a success.

Expect the amazing with Earth Enterprise!