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Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor: Custom Box Design & Manufacturing In New York City


The Challenge


When Rebecca Taylor, a division of Vince Holding Group, approached Tina Weiss of Earth Enterprise to handle the highest profile PR project of the year,  she were thrilled and frankly a bit challenged. Tina and the Earth Enterprise team were tasked with creating a beautiful box that left an elevated impression, was environmentally considerate, yet with sleek appeal. The time frame was only 2 weeks, the budget predetermined and limited. Of course first and foremost it had to portray the soft and textural appeal of the brand, and reflect the direction of new line to be launched.




Designing The Box For Its Valuable Contents


Each box would house a precious one of a kind piece of art glass, hand selected, heavy, and unique in weight. size and shape. In addition, it would sit next to a rare version of book giving the historical account of Rebecca Taylor. All copies had arrived unexpectedly in incongruous sizes from various publishers around the country. The boxes had to be secure, vary in structural support, and maintain the responsibility of protecting the contents securely. In addition, the environmental responsibility during production could not be ignored. The boxes would be wrapped in Mohawk superfine white, and created from recycled board, and kleen-stick strips.

As they layered custom colored foam inserts intentionally tinted just a shade off the outside box, and built the height, for each individual piece. Earth then meticulously carved out its shape and height creating wells for both glass and book, precise enough to allow the printed items to sit on top of the wells without sliding across the top of each. Elegant ribbon pulls were created, in addition to and thumb holes for easy removal of each item.


More Fine Touches For An Incredible Box

Within each box on the inside of the lids, hand wrapped panels were added in antique fabric. They affixed the panels with critical placement and cornered each with unique ribbon that would serve as picture holders in vintage scrap book fashion. These were precisely fit to hold a polaroid, and lent a snap shot glimpse into the upcoming line to be released. To secure a tight yet clean look, sharp scores along with hidden magnet closures, and easy foldability were used. Each box was securely shut and further personalized with hand inserted ribbon tie closures.

As the last element they created a textured bellyband out Strathmore pastelle, beautifully blind embossed with the Rebecca Taylor logo, custom fit, and closed with kleenstick strips to secure the final presentation, another shade of interest as well as feel.


The Rebecca Taylor Box: Embossing And Handwritten Addressing – The Final Touches


The final step was an embossed signature line, coordinating with the hand written recipient name that was filled in by Steven personally. This had to be carefully matched in length and positioning and  with the specific chosen glass, book version and hand written note inside written to each recipient.


The Rebecca Taylor Box – Results


The following day, after completing and delivery to all the recipients, they received a beautiful note thanking Tina and the Team for stepping in at the last hour, creating something that fulfilled all their requirements, surpassed their expectations, and “elevating their vision”.

Tina and Earth Enterprise were, and are, so pleased to be a part of this unique project and the Rebecca Taylor/ Vince packaging team.

“I’m thrilled to have been trusted with this important project and proud that Earth Enterprise and I  were called upon when a dependable and reliable resource was needed. “

Tina Weiss of Earth Enterprise

Rebecca is a womenswear line inspired by an idea of Romanticism Redefined. Referencing inspiration from the past evolved for a new sensibility, every piece is imbued with thoughtful details creating a decidedly elegant way of dress that defines romance for now.