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Saleforce Vantage Point Magazine - produced by Earth Enterprise Vantage Point Magazine

At The Height Of Digital Fatigue, Executives Are Turning To A Timeless Traditional Format – Printed Magazines

For Chuck Cure of Earth Enterprise, relationships matter.  When The Atlantic – the enduring American magazine and multi-platform publisher reached out to him, he was quick to act.  Previously, Chuck and EE had handled marketing collateral and event collateral for Atlantic.  This was a new opportunity.

The Atlantic And Salesforce Partner To Deliver Great Content

The Atlantic was entering into a co-venture with SalesForce, a cloud-based software company, which has grown to be the dominant player in the CRM industry. The goal was set:  Produce a magazine designed to capture the pulse of today’s leading executives and how they are moving business to a new level. The publication would be titled “Vantage Point”.

The Project:  A premium PRINT publication which brings together thoughtfully curated voices on the forefront of change. Each issue not only shares real stories shaping the future of business but includes actionable advice for those leading the charge.


Saleforce Vantage Point Magazine - produced by Earth Enterprise


The Challenge:  The Timeframe specified for completion.  From initial contact to completion/publication, an unbelievable four short weeks would be all that could be allotted.  The project management was “quite precarious” due to a multitude of moving parts.  There were paper challenges, supply chain issues, Covid related issues and press and plant shut-downs. But this was not Chucks first “rodeo” and for every challenge faced, he was ready with a solution.  That’s the Earth Enterprise way….


Saleforce Vantage Point Magazine - produced by Earth Enterprise


From Art & Copy To Printing & Delivery: The Salesforce + Atlantic Venture Got The Results They Needed


In just under 30 days, 7500 copies were printed, 2500 each of three versions. Each version had a separate 5-page insert relating to a separate market segment:  pharmaceuticals, automotive, and manufacturing.  Included within each insert was a separate cover page considered a “bonus” drawing attention to the overall insert.

Distribution:  The magazine is being mailed “on-demand” in batches weekly which makes it an ongoing fulfillment job on back end.  However, on the front end it is a project of excellent management, organization, print and binding, a job Chuck and EE are best at handling.

“It was a great project, excellent working with SalesForce and The Atlantic, and one we are proud of” says Chuck.  “One very “intriguing and exciting” aspect of this particular job is that I have seen a resurgence among young people craving something in print – the “next generation” of marketing and advertising people – They have a thirst for something tangible.  That’s an encouraging change from the overwhelming digital space we’ve been operating in.”