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The Observed Newspaper Exhibition In New York City

Challenge: Newsprint & Observed Newspaper Printing For New York City


The creator of “observed” came to us during the launching of both their exhibition as well as the product line. The particular exhibition consisted of life size mechanical sculptures, along with photographs. The need for the high quality of the reproduction of these visuals was essential, both for the artistic value as well as the commercial value along with conveying the authenticity of the message “observed” is sharing, “From Earth for Earth”.


Print is often seen as a less friendly a medium in this regard. Earth Enterprise was chosen for both the quality of their printing, as well as their experience translating both commercial and artistic subject matter into print. In addition, bringing them onto the team was also influenced by their project management expertise and their passion for sustainability.


Solution: Newsprint & Earth Enterprise


Our suggestion was to produce a newspaper, one of the most challenging mediums to maintain detail and quality of print. It seemed the right choice both regarding the recycled content of the substrate, the intrigue as an artistic expression less often utilized, a naturally instinctive take away off the moving street display, and as an inherent invite to old fashioned readability. It’s a less intimidating media form, as well… easy to handle.


Newspaper has the shortest production process using the least amount of waste. It utilizes less energy as the collating, folding and finishing all happens on one machine without the need to start up additional equipment. The notion that the color adjustments are all done by hand on an old fashion cold press, with the human touch and experienced eye, became extremely appealing for this project as well, bringing it back into that “grass roots” requirement relatively.


During the course of the process we were able to access years of experience reproducing imagery on uncoated surfaces, allowing us to manage the visual outcome more critically with regard to absorption, and dot spread, and color balance. We produced rounds of on press testing, along with analysis of the actual sculptures to grasp the fine details. Artwork was adjusted to compensate for the stock tone and fibers. This allowed us to adjust each individual image with an understanding of the particular needs as well as layout and the format in the way that lent itself to an enhanced outcome.


The critical time frame presented, as well as the manageability of bulk materials to rotating locations daily, made this choice perfect as well.


 New York City Newsprint and Newspaper Printing Solutions

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