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Thermography Printing in New York City

Thermography Printing NYC

Thermography Printing – What is it?


Thermography is the process of heating treated ink on a printed piece to make it bubble and rise. This technique gives the ink a 3D property that has a visual effect as well as a texture that you can feel. It is much more cost effective than other methods of raised printing.

What steps are needed for Thermography?


The first process of thermography involves the application of embossing/thermography powder to a freshly printed sheet. Made from plastic resins, the powder covers the page, but only attaches itself to the wet ink.

The substrate moves from the powder stage to the vacuum process where the excess powder is removed from the paper, leaving only the inked parts coated and ready for the final stage. The unused powder is trapped and recycled.

Once the powder has been applied and the excess removed, the product reaches the transformative process where it passes through a radiant oven and is exposed to temperatures between 900 and 1300°C for 2 to 3 seconds. The treated ink rises and achieves a characteristic sheen.


Why should we use Thermographic printing?


Raised printing adds a “Wow” and touch of class to your printing job.