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Tiffany Printing New York City

Tiffany – Rush Dinner Invitation Printing

Rush Tiffany Dinner Invitations Printed & Produced Lovingly In NYC

When Tiffany’s needed 200 super sophisticated, custom made Invitations and Hotel Welcome Packs done in 2 to 3 weeks, they called their “Can-Do Guru”, Andy Hort of Earth Enterprise in New York City. These pieces needed to be bold, rich, and impactful, as they were going to extremely important global clients in Korea, Thailand, as well as domestically in Utah. Thus began the journey to create the Diamonds and Wonders Invitations showpiece.


To commence this rush project, Tiffany submitted a concept where they wanted to create the tactile feel, and appearance, of an elevation map. Andy’s solution; apply multiple layers of embossed and de-bossed sheets to be layered to appear as if they were multiple elevations on a map. In tandem with Andy and his team of top designers, the concept took form with 5 separate pieces being created, that would have multi-layer die-cut sheets mounted, gilded, and then the unique Tiffany blue engraved logo added, along with personalizing the client names on these gorgeous invitations.


In addition to the Diamonds and Wonders Invitations, Tiffany’s needed  all with matching envelopes, handmade, and lined with their unique shade of blue, and most critically – all with engraved Tiffany logo’s.


All of the above hand crafted pieces had to be In Mail within 1 week of approved concept!


Result: Insanely beautiful pieces, delivered on time and within budget, for one of the most admired companies on the planet; Tiffany.