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Useful Trees We Plant

Useful Trees We Plant

All our print work is carbon neutral at no cost to our customers.
Green Earth Enterprise provides an opportunity to produce a totally carbon neutral print job by replacing the entire carbon footprint that the job created. Our custom computer software calculates the carbon tonnage produced by each of our jobs from the point a tree is cut down for paper to delivery of the final product. At no additional cost to the client, Green Earth Enterprise neutralizes the carbon emissions of each project by planting Useful Trees.

Useful Trees are not likely to be cut down because the value of their fruit, nuts or leaves is worth at least four times more to the planter than the timber itself. In Latin America, the Useful Trees we’ve planted are not only offsetting the carbon footprint of our printing, but are also generating income for Mayan farmers, increasing the local carbon-based biomass and aiding in the overall economic development of the region. In addition, since 2009, all the trees in The Pyramid Project are being paid for by Green Earth Enterprise. The Pyramid Project provides incentives to small farmers for planting and maintaining Useful Trees.

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