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What is Carbon Neutral

We’re Carbon Neutral. What does that mean?

Because we care about climate change and the future health of the globe, we’re committed to ensuring that our printed material and business activities will never contribute to global warming. We’re voluntarily planting trees, investing in eco-friendly technology and purchasing other carbon offsets that will neutralize any greenhouse gases we emit by taking them out of the atmosphere. Plus, by printing locally, in the New York metro area, we’re minimizing our emissions.

What are “Carbon Offsets”?

Carbon Offsets neutralize the amount of CO2 necessarily produced during the printing process. There are four kinds of Carbon Offsets that we purchase, on your behalf, to ensure our products are always environmentally responsible. (If you’re curious about your printed material’s carbon footprint, we’ve developed a carbon neutral calculator so you can measure it yourself.)

1) Forestry Projects: We plant trees on land that would otherwise remain barren, where they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

2) Renewable energy: We support the development of renewable, clean power by funding hydroelectric wind turbines or solar photovoltaic panels that wouldn’t otherwise be installed. These eco-friendly power sources replace the use of CO2 producing diesel, gas, kerosene and oil.

3) Energy Efficiency: We pay corporations to reduce their carbon footprint by installing better emission controls and more efficient procedures for keeping greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere.

4) Methane capture: Since methane is 21 times more powerful a greenhouse gas that CO2, we fund projects that capture and convert methane into a less harmful gas.

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